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4444 N. Blackstone Ave
Fresno, CA 93726

AC Service • Smog Check • Automotive REpair
Fuel Injections • Catalytic Converters


Smog check

For Tags, Title Transfer and Extensions


For Gross Polluters, ABS Lights, check Engine Lights etc.

Smog Repair

For any Failed Emission or Check Engine Lights


Plugs, wires, Cap and Rotor, Filters

Oil Change

Basic Oil or synthetic Oil + filter


Replace rotors, calipers, master cylinders
Brake boosters and brake pads

Transmission Repair & Oil change

Diagnose transmission Issues, Service Oil and Filter

Fuel Injection Service

For dirty or plugged injectors

AC service and Repair

Replace AC hoses, Freon, accumulators, condensers and compressors

Engine Repair

Engine Swaps & Cylinder head repair

Timing Belt & Water Pumps

Replace timing belts, timing chains and water pumps

Window Replacement (Broken & Cracked)

Replace front and rear windows

Window Repair (Stuck Windows)

For stuck windows that don’t go up or down