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The following is a detailed chart of some of the jobs we can do and our very competitive prices. An asterisk next to the price means you need a coupon to get said price. All coupons can be found on our coupon page. Click here to clip our coupons.



Smog test Smog check $29.75* + Certificate
Diagnosis Engine check $85.00
A/C service health check Checking for C performance $19.99 + parts
Break front pad and rotors Replace front brake pads and shave rotors $75 + parts


Packages Deals

For most vehicles, our standard oil change service includes changing your oil filter, adding up to 5 quarts of multi-grade oil, and the disposal of your old oil. Here at Contreraz Smog, we recommend that you have your oil changed every 3,000 to 6,000 miles to maintain a healthy engine and car. We also provide premium oil changes for you mercedes, BMW, and other exotics. Call us today to schedule an appoitment for your next oil change. The following is a little longer and more detailed list of our packages.

Oil Change




*5 quarts
*1 oil filter
*top off fluids
*check air filter

*Smog check
*oil changes
*tire inspection

*Brake change
*Brake pads
*Shave rotors

 *Spark plugs
*Oil change
*Air filter
*Top off fluid
*Free belt check





*Some restrictions may apply on some vehicles. See store for details.